2nd November

Slouched in Sunday Pan camp until about 10.00 taking in the view and reading etc. Fairly short drive to Passarge Pan camp, about 60 k’s. This camp is halfway along the Passarge Valley. Nearest other camp is 20 k’s away so total isolation. Didn’t see a soul all day which is how you want it. Just the birds singing and the jackals screaming. Hot, so very hot and a very warm breeze which cooled us a little. Clouds building and a few rumbles of thunder, then it rained. The first we have had. Cooled off by getting soaked. Spent the rest of the day reading and watching all the ground squirrels around the camp. They act very much like meerkats standing erect on their tails. Dinner around the camp fire.


Ground squirrel


Vultures awaiting


Black backed jackal


Gemsbok around water hole

Thirsty Ground Squirrel

Thirsty Ground Squirrel



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  1. We are in a comfortable hotel with a lovely pool, and off to El hambra tomorrow! Ye ha. Lots of wild life! Mainly dogs on leads and a couple of cats. Xxxx

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